La Famille Bélier

" It's a real family crowd-pleaser that's well worth seeking out." - Radio Times

“Paula is a spunky 16-year-old with a lot more chores than most; as the only hearing person of the Béliers, she has to frequently act as a go-between for her parents, the dairy farmers Rodolphe and Gigi and her younger sibling, Quentin.

“Indeed, a clear understanding of how pivotal she is for the independent functioning of the Béliers is necessary so that the implications of her possibly leaving really do feel earth shattering. It started innocently enough, with the protagonist signing up for a school choir just because a cute boy did, too. But when the demanding music teacher discovers her voice, he realizes she’s got a talent like few others and asks her to enter a competition for a place at a prestigious institution in the capital.

“The film is filled with outstanding performances. The star of the show, however, undeniably is newcomer Louane Emera, a former 'The Voice France' contestant who does her own signing, is extremely natural. Her Paula's a winner and like her character, she’s clearly got a great career ahead of her if she wants it.” - Hollywood Reporter


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