Let the Sunshine In

"[An] elegantly observed romance about a divorced woman searching for "one real love" in a city of lupine losers." - Toronto Star

“A mix of comedy and drama, Let the Sunshine In has an ironic, self-knowing quality that at the same time allows for plunges into raw emotion. Juliette Binoche becomes the ideal actress to put over director Claire Denis’ vision. As Isabelle — a divorced woman around 50, a successful artist still hoping to find the love of her life — Binoche doesn’t take herself seriously, even as she takes her situation very seriously.

“Clearly, Isabelle isn’t meeting the right men. We first find her in bed with her married lover, a sleazy banker who tells her, ‘I’ll answer the question you’re not asking. I’ll never leave my wife. You are charming, but my wife is extraordinary.’

“Don’t expect the usual thing here. Let the Sunshine In is its own thing. It’s about the phenomenon, the state of life, of wanting somebody. It’s about the attendant pains and awkwardness of that state, but also the dignity of it, the desire, the belief involved, and the willingness to take risks. As such, it’s a true original and a major achievement, the clearest and most moving work from Denis in years.” -  San Francisco Chronicle


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