Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

"These discrete 'reveries of the connected world' represent the latest of Herzog's heady explorations of what it means to be human (and even post-human), rendered in his characteristically personal, decidedly analog style." - Variety

“Werner Herzog flicks a stone across the surface of the bottomless ocean that is the history and future of the Internet in 'Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World,' a quizzical, spry, illuminating consideration of where human beings currently stand vis-a-vis the invention that is changing the world in as-yet unimaginable ways.

“There's no question that the subject has provided a fresh stimulant to the ever-adventurous director's abiding inquisitiveness. The vast majority of his interview subjects, most of them very plainly photographed in their workplaces, are brainy guys (and a few women) of a certain age whom Herzog peppers with both straightforward and off-center questions about their expertise and what has arisen from it.

“The subject is vast, its ever-expanding parameters dwarfing the human brain in a way that humbles even the most expansive and forward-minded thinkers. As such, Herzog's quick visit to the front lines represents an appealing, scattershot, easily digestible progress report aimed at a general audience that's now becoming vaguely aware that we're all living at the beginning of some kind of new world that could be brave or extraordinarily homogeneous. Or both.” - Hollywood Reporter


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