From the Director of "Brick" and "The Brothers Bloom"

“As both an elaboration of the sci-fi form and an engaging, philosophical drama, Looper turns out to be as substantive as it is stylish.
“Joe is a laconic young man living in Kansas City in 2044, where as the film opens he stands in a wheat field consulting his pocket watch. Another man suddenly appears and Joe kills him. He explains in a voice-over that his victim has come from the 2070s, when the mob uses assassins in the past like Joe - called loopers - to dispose of bodies. It’s a living, and a pretty good one, until the mob boss of the future sends the older version of the hit man back to be killed. When Joe confronts his older self - played by Bruce Willis - he doesn’t quite carry out the orders as planned.
“Looper brings the ethics of saving the future by changing the past to life with startling inventiveness and visual pizazz. Looper, may begin as a Terminator-like piece of time travel escapism, but ultimately gathers Old Testament-worthy force and fury.”
- Ann Hornaday, Washington Post


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