Manchester By The Sea

"An extraordinary swirl of love, anger, tenderness and brittle humour." - Variety

“Like a carefully wrought piece of origami, Manchester by the Sea unfolds slowly and delicately to reveal its inner workings, building over time into one of the most powerful emotional experiences filmgoers will have this year. Anchored by a quietly volcanic central performance by Casey Affleck, this tough, tender, utterly heartbreaking chamber piece is the kind of movie that seems reverse-engineered to leave its audience feeling walloped, but in the best of ways. Every tear is more than earned in a story that never feels anything less than unfailingly authentic.

“Affleck’s character, Lee Chandler, is the person most afflicted by the past in Manchester by the Sea. The source of Lee’s pain forms the suspenseful fulcrum of the film, in which encounters with people and places from his past inspire alternately happy and tragic flashbacks.

“Manchester by the Sea is a tear-jerker, made all the more so by director Kenneth Lonergan’s steadfast unwillingness to indulge in tidy reversals of heart or convenient happy endings. In that way, this might be the most joy-inspiring movie of the year. Even at its most melancholy depths, it brims with candid, earnest, indefatigable life.” -  The Washington Post


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