Miss Julie

Based on August Strindberg's play

"Anyone interested in spellbinding performances should see Miss Julie." (Liz Braun)

“Liv Ullmann’s screen version of August Strindberg’s 19th-century drama is an austere, pared-down take that  allows actors Jessica Chastain, Samantha Morton and especially Colin Farrell to shine.

“Farrell proves again how undervalued he is. He plays John, a servant in the home of an Irish count in 1890. Throughout one long midsummer night and into the morning, John is drawn to, rebuffs, makes love to and is manipulated by Julie (Chastain), haughty daughter of the estate’s unseen owner. Watching John and Julie’s verbal thrust-and-parrying is Kathleen (Morton), a cook who clearly feels for John. He makes light of the notion that he and Kathleen are jokingly “engaged,” but it’s Julie he’s serious about. Yet Julie’s lack of strength, her stubbornness and conflicting needs keep her from deciding on anything, including whether she wants John.

“Strindberg’s drama is a naturalistic dissection of two people of different classes who both need to be told how to live. Despite the lush cinematography here, what’s compelling is the splintered, passionate people.

“Chastain is rigid and spooky-eyed as a noblewoman with a less-than-noble spirit. But Farrell provides punch. His performance in Miss Julie is yet another fiery, near-dangerous turn that startles with its intensity.” - NY Daily News


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