Money Monster

"'Money Monster' is better than a mere statement of the times. It's terrific entertainment, and it deserves to be seen now." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Since Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in 2008, Hollywood has discovered there are reliable returns to be made on Wall Street thrillers that expose the fraud and vilify the greed.

"'Money Monster' cleverly expands the genre simply by changing the focus from the wolves of Wall Street to one of the lambs – a small investor who has staked all his savings on one stock pick and lost. Desperately seeking explanations as to how an investment company could lose $800-million in evaluation overnight because of a glitch in a financial algorithm, one Kyle Budwell sneaks onto the set of a hyped-up TV business show and takes its host, the campy stock picker Lee Gates, hostage.

"If the naive and panicked Kyle, played by the soulful British actor Jack O’Connell, has compounded one bad choice with another, 'Money Monster'’s producers have certainly made the right ones. The film – tightly directed by Jodie Foster and marking a return to form for both George Clooney as the glib Jim Cramer-like Gates and Julia Roberts as his steady producer – could not be more perfectly timed." - Kate Taylor, Globe & Mail


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