More Than Honey


Featuring an introduction by local beekeeper Tom Epplett of Bee Quest Honey

“Fascinating, informative and startling, this in-depth documentary poses the question of ‘why are all the bees dying?’ In answering this, it goes to explore how the bee has evolved, but ultimately struggled for survival. Narrated by John Hurt, whose grandfather kept bees, the viewer is taken on a trip around the world to find the answer.
“Markus Imhoof employed a ‘bee whisperer’, a lot of patience and some high-speed cameras to achieve some truly astonishing footage of bees up close and personal. China is used as an example of a country devoid of bees, illustrating the impact of using too many chemicals on crops. The country now uses migrant workers for pollination and it’s extremely strange to watch this unnatural process with people populating fields to mimic the work of bees.
There’s a lot of information to take in and it’s presented in an accessible manner that clearly explains the big issues. Furthermore, parts of More Than Honey play out like a nail biting horror flick as we are introduced to a particular species of killer bees. This super aggressive strain of killer bees has evolved after twenty six swarms escaped from a laboratory in Sao Paolo and seem to be on the rise.
“Director Markus Imhoof presents an interesting and compelling case study with More Than Honey, alerting the audience to the reality of what the extinction of the bee means to humankind, in a way that is accessible and truly engaging. - ViewLondon


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