Based on events from a 1998 lawsuit, PERCY follows small-town farmer Percy Schmeiser, who challenges a major conglomerate when the company’s genetically modified (GMO) canola is discovered in the 70-year-old farmer’s crops.

"Based on real events from a 1998 lawsuit, PERCY follows a small-town farmer who takes on a giant corporation (Monsanto) after their GMOs interfere with his crops. As he starts the fight against them, he realizes he's like thousands of other disenfranchised farmers around the world fighting the same battle. Suddenly, he becomes an unsuspecting folk hero in a desperate war to protect farmers' rights and fight corporate greed. Christopher Walken stars in this as Percy Schmeiser, along with Christina Ricci, Luke Kirby, Zach Braff, Martin Donovan, and Adam Beach. The film is shot in Canada, as well!" - Alex Billington

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