Picnic at Hanging Rock

"One of the most hauntingly beautiful mysteries ever created on film." - San Francisco Chronicle

Picnic at Hanging Rock is about three young women and a school mistress who, on Valentines Day, 1900, disappear without trace while on an expedition to a splendid geological outcropping called Hanging Rock.

“It's a movie composed almost entirely of clues. Its methods are illusory, not necessarily In trick us but ‘to force us to stretch our imaginations. Instead of exposition, director Peter Weir and his screenwriter, Cliff Green, deal in moods.

“Though, Picnic at Hanging Rock has immense feeling for an interest in the Australian landscape, it is anything but a picturesque or provincial film. Among other things it knows that there are some romantic longings, especially in the young, that are so overwhelming they simply cannot be contained. The result is a movie that is both spooky and sexy.” - NY Times


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