Playtime: The Movie

Back after 2 sold out screenings! Director, Sara Geidlinger, will be in attendance at both shows!

A beloved childhood toy can spark joy in even the most grown-up grownups.

There's some inexplicable magic about holding -- about playing with -- a toy from our ever-receding youth.

Nobody understands that joy better than Robbie Da Silva. Robbie runs a shop called 3D Vintage Toys, Stuff, and Things.

Every day, Robbie meets customers who feel a deep personal connection to some peculiar item on his shelves -- a particular action figure, or an old videogame, a novelty fad -- and, on the best days, the one elusive item someone has sought in a lifetime of collecting.

Toys are our first tangible connections to reality as babies, helping learn about reality through our five senses -- and our sense of empathy.
Playtime: The Movie is a story about the joy of simple pleasures, and the healing power of childlike wonder in an increasingly noisy, complicated world.

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No screenings currently scheduled.

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