Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation

“Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation is a documentary exploring the fascinating story of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This enormous church has been under construction since 1882, when Antoni Gaudi imagined a structure unlike anything else ever seen. The film looks at the church, as well as the various artists, architects, and workers who have continued the work started over 120 years ago. 

“Director Stefan Haupt spends most of the time exploring the ways in which various artists interpret the work of Gaudi, and how they apply this to the construction. Sagrada Familia has come to represent something beyond being just a church. 

“Of course, Sagrada Familia is a stunning building, and it’s almost impossible to really grasp the beauty and size of the building. They make a fantastic effort though, showing the enormous stained glass windows, gigantic pillars, unique structure, and various sculptures. 

“If your interests lie in architecture or the exploration of art and why an artist creates, Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation will entertain.”
- Toronto Film Scene 


No screenings currently scheduled.

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