“Director Brian De Palma and screenwriter Oliver Stone cleverly transpose the action to Fidel Castro's ‘Mariel’ expulsion of jailbirds from Cuba in 1980 in Scarface. Among the dodgy flotsam winding up in Miami is Tony ‘Scarface’ Montana, ferociously played by Al Pacino, shrilly insisting on his anti-communist political status, but thirsting for sex, money and blood.

“Pacino's performance is always intensely watchable and his very first scene, under interrogation by US immigration cops, is a cracker. The early career of Tony and his buddies in sunny, breezy Miami Beach is nice to watch and De Palma's handling of Tony's first bungled drug deal is tremendous: with the camera drifting enigmatically back and forth between the motel room carnage to the waiting getaway car.

“But there is also something a little stately about the dramatic pace and that 1980s synth score, and also a quaint sort of Kung Fu/Bond movie aesthetic to Scarface, with its lairs and spotlit country homes, its perimeter fences and its dozens of disposable henchmen fatally greeting Tony's ‘little friend.’” - The Guardian


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