Shadows of Liberty

“Are you the type to watch the news or read the paper to keep abreast of world issues? Well, your most trusted media may lose credibility after journeying through the real reality of Shadows of Liberty. From freedom of the press to the future of the internet, the film examines the continual erosion of objective news reporting through the undemocratic interaction of conglomerate economic interests and government agendas, ironically spawned by democracy itself. Some of the most riveting headlines of recent history, including the 1980s explosion of crack cocaine use and the infamous weapons of mass destruction boondoggle, are revisited in all their grotesque coverups and fabrications. Through an artful approach that often incorporates images and animation of spine-chilling metaphors, filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay alerts us to an important question: Has our commercial world caused us to lose one of the most precious commodity of all—unbiased information?” - Yuval Fichman, HotDocs


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Shadows of Liberty

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