Shaun of the Dead

"For everyone who likes good acting and great writing, it's a bloody fun time and a wonderful display of how parody should be done." - Detroit Times

“In the London of Shaun Of The Dead, dead-eyed city-dwellers shamble through the streets. Their glazed eyes suggest no purpose beyond mindless repetition. Eventually, some of them even turn into zombies.

‘Director/co-writer Edgar Wright and star/co-writer Simon Pegg squeeze a lot of jokes into their horror comedy, but none quite as sharp as the one that slowly unfolds in the film's opening segments. Unsettled when his girlfriend Kate Ashfield accuses him of predictability, Pegg scarcely notices any changes around him as he makes his way from his Playstation to his appliance-store job to the local pub while the city around him slowly becomes infected with the walking dead.

“Pegg awakes to a transformed world after a drunken night out with slovenly flatmate Nick Frost, but even then, it takes the arrival of a drooling, flesh-hungry trespasser to suggest that something might be amiss.

“Pegg gives his hero a defeated look that slowly melts away as the crisis, at last, gives him a chance to become a man of action.” - AV Club


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