Shaun the Sheep

"Smart, funny, big-hearted, endlessly inventive and quintessentially British, this timeless, stop-motion adventure is a 'shear' delight from start to finish." - Daily Star

"This delightful stop-motion animated romp features no dialogue, which is as it should be – the beauty of animals is in their actions, not words, after all.

"And so, in this offshoot of an adorable British television series (itself a Wallace and Gromit spinoff), the barnyard characters – and all the humans, too – grunt, point and communicate with facial expressions only.

"The story has to do with a disruption in the monotonous farm-life schedule, involving a head-scratching farmer who loses his memory and finds himself disoriented in the city.

"His animals, initially delighted with their freedom, soon grasp their deep inability to take care of themselves.

"They then leave the farm in search of their master; a Mission: Impossible meets Babe: Pig in the City escapade ensues (A malicious 'animal containment officer' has the wool pulled over his eyes!)

"Visually appealing and animal friendly, Shaun of the Sheep celebrates summer – a break in the routine, loving it on the lam." - Brad Wheeler, Globe & Mail


No screenings currently scheduled.

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