Sid & Nancy

Nancy Viscious & The Nasty Bitches are not appearing due to weather. "Sid and Nancy is the definitive pic on the punk phenomenon." - Variety

30th Anniversary restored re-issue!

“Few would have suspected, when Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose in 1979 after having been charged with the stabbing death of his girlfriend Nancy Spungen several months earlier, that this story had the makings of a big-screen romance. Even now, there are those who wouldn't quite understand. But director Alex Cox saw the Sid and Nancy story as the occasion for a sordid, intentionally ugly and sometimes unexpectedly beautiful film, a pitch-black comedy about wasted love.

“Sid and Nancy has a slow, almost lyrical shot of the title characters as they sit catatonically in bed, high on heroin, until the orangey light flickering across their faces lets the viewer know the room is on fire. There's another image, also lovely in its own weird way, in which they kiss in an alley while being showered with flying garbage. Sid and Nancy doesn't try to win its audience's sympathy in any conventional way, which is just as well, since that would have been a losing battle. But it does succeed in offering bleak, nasty and sometimes hilarious glimpses of life in the punk demimonde.” - New York Times


No screenings currently scheduled.

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