Skate Kitchen

"Skate Kitchen exists in a time when it's still not normalized for men to see women on skateboards, but the crystal clear coolness of Moselle's film proves they should get with the program." -

In her acclaimed documentary The Wolfpack, Crystal Moselle explored the lives of siblings who only knew the outside world through movies. With Skate Kitchen, Moselle herself is using cinema to explore, and to share, an exciting part of the world.

Like Chloé Zhao's The Rider (which played the Original in May), Skate Kitchen is a fictional story built from the lives of its stars, the skate crew of the same name. They're an all-girl team in a sport and culture that's often a boys' club. In real life, Skate Kitchen has carved out a place and a name for itself. On screen, they seek to do the same.

Up-and-coming boarder Camille (Rachelle Vinberg), despite the anti-skating edicts of her overly controlling mother, befriends Skate Kitchen members Janay (Ardelia Lovelace) and Kurt (Nina Moran). They talk life, the universe and everything. They clash with rival crews. And above all else, they ride. - Alamo Drafthouse


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