Son of Saul

Oscar Nominee! Best Foreign Language Film. "A Holocaust drama like you have never seen before. Movies simply don't get more powerful than this." - SF Chronicle

“38-year-old Hungarian filmmaker László Nemes has made a staggering feature debut with 'Son of Saul', an Auschwitz-set drama that's numbing, provocative and impossible to unsee. Set over 24 hours in 1944 and almost chaining itself to its lead character, the film gives us Saul, a member of the Sonderkommando – the unit of mostly Jewish prisoners forced to assist their captors with mass execution.

“Wisely suggesting that there's nothing particularly special or heroic about Saul, whose blank expression suggests his soul has long since been crushed, Nemes's camera seems accidentally to find him as the film begins. During the time we spend with Saul, as he works day and night, he becomes convinced that a dead child is his son and is determined to find a rabbi among the captives to help give this boy a proper burial.

“Saul's doomed quest feels like a form of madness equal to the infinite number of other madnesses going on all around him. Whether the child belongs to Saul feels immateria. It must be stressed: this is cinema at its most gruelling, dealing as it does with events that perhaps no images can ever convey. Nemes harnesses cinema at its most powerful, artful and stimulating and sticking pointedly close to the experience of one disturbed soul among thousands.” - Time Out


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