“Abbey is a young woman who’s shacked up at the end of the world with an aging ex-professor, Dermot (Aidan Quinn). Dermot is determined never to grow up, so when Abbey finds out she’s pregnant, it leads to an inevitable rift in their relationship. Abbey decides to go back home to Montreal to visit her screwed up father and face some demons from her past, while deciding what to do. Meanwhile, Dermot must wrestle with his own demons in order to get to the bottom of his reluctance to start a family.
“Director Wiebke von Carolsfeld deftly intertwines the two stories of Dermot and Abbey, paralleling the lessons they must learn as they try to find their ways back to each other. Von Carolsfeld uses a light touch to flesh out the central story without overwhelming it.
“Abbey and Dermot are both complex characters, and their journeys toward redemption and love don’t always take expected routes. This isn’t a typical May/December romance, and the film thankfully avoids clichés at every turn. Both Abbey and Dermot have been running away from their lives and must now overcome an enormous amount of emotional baggage as they deal with the very real possibility of becoming parents.
“Stay is a charming romance and totally worth your time. Quinn and Schilling deliver strong performances, but the surprise is Michael Ironside as Abbey’s loving but dysfunctional father.”
- Katarina Gligorijevic, Toronto Film Scene


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