Steve Jobs

"Michael Fassbender will be in every Best Actor conversation from now until Oscar night (and deservedly so) for his mesmerizing turn as the legendary and legendarily difficult visionary Jobs." - Richard Roeper

"As the demanding, egotistical, vicious, manipulative and prickish genius behind Apple, Michael Fassbender delivers a Steve Jobs who is magnetic in his contemptibility. He threatens subordinates, shoves his family aside, rips apart friendships, carries on a 19-year-long game of emotional abuse with his most loyal confidante and takes credit where little or none is due. And through it all, we can’t stop watching him.

"Thanks to Fassbender’s revelatory performance – a carefully calibrated mix of pride, self-loathing, frustration, arrogance and near-visceral self-righteousness – Jobs comes across as a captivating monster, a dictator in a black turtleneck who is impossible to ignore.

"Whether or not that’s who Steve Jobs actually was is a different matter. As he did with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 'The Social Network,' screenwriter Aaron Sorkin again takes the idea of a genius and twists it to his own gains. While Jobs was known for his unrelenting perfectionism, corporate feuds and difficult personal life, Sorkin creates his own beast, and doesn’t give a damn about whether it’s accurate or not.

"It’s easy to be tempted into an ethical debate here, but when the results are so compelling (such as The Social Network), it’s justifiable to accept the product as simply art with a complicated past, and not some sort of true-to-life docu-narrative. After all, it’s not as if 'Steve Jobs,' the film, attempts to distill every single aspect of Steve Jobs, the man.

"Yet nothing would have mattered if it weren’t for Fassbender. Fassbender’s take is so fierce, rotten, sour and powerful that it will last a lifetime. No upgrades required." - Globe & Mail


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