"Heartbreaking and powerfully relevant, Suffragette's greatest achievement is that it gives a full-blooded picture of a struggle not so far removed in time, and still going forth in some corners of the world today." - National Post

"From the neglectful mother in 'Mary Poppins' to prissy spinsters sipping tea in silly hats, suffragettes have long been vilified and mocked in popular culture.

"That these brave women were the foot soldiers in a long and bloody war to win the right to vote has long been either ignored or forgotten.

"SUFFRAGETTE, Sarah Gavron's stirring new historical drama, remedies that lamentable gap in our educations by finally giving these unsung heroines a voice. Steeped in real events in the pre-World War I era and framed by the grainy newsreels of the day, this riveting film gets inside the hopes and dreams of these martyrs to the cause of women's emancipation. It's an unforgettable history lesson for a society that rarely wastes time looking back.

"A riveting chronicle of life for the rank and file of the British women's movement, this 106-minute film is anchored by memorable performances. Carey Mulligan is the stoic, long-suffering sweatshop worker radicalized into action. Helena Bonham-Carter the pharmacist who would have been a doctor had women in Britain been allowed into that profession. Brendan Gleeson is the police inspector tasked with keeping women in their place. And Meryl Streep is the regal, fugitive icon of the movement. Make no mistake, this is a harrowing period piece, raw and powerful, that may well leave you in tears for days." - Karen D'Souza, San Jose Mercury

"The best film of 2015." - Roger Moore, Movie Nation

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