The Apple Tree

Premiere Screening of Local Production

Alex Hastings is a young boy growing up, faced with the reality that in this
next year of school he will be leaving his friends he makes a pact with his
very best friend, Marcia Burnet, under an apple tree that no matter what on
that day every year they will meet under the apple tree.

He always loved Marcia but she never noticed, not until it was already to
late. Tension builds as Marcia begins to grow and change, while the
constantly steady Alex does everything to support her. But when a War
reaches them, it drives a wedge that can never be repaired as Alex is drafted
and Marcia is left alone.

Years pass, Marcia marries and Alex falls in love. Through the tragic ups and
downs both couples face, their lives would be changed forever. But no matter
what happens remember, next year under the apple tree.


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