The Breakfast Club

“In 1985 The Breakfast Club dressed differently from all the other teen comedies. John Hughes constructed a simple, one-location talkie that brought a generation’s submerged angst to the surface. The result was a movie that’s confused, impatient, indulgent, naive, clumsy, unintentionally funny and prone to random outbursts of energy. Rather like the audience that lined the blocks to tune in and angst out.

“In Shermer High five Teen archetypes — jock, weirdo, nerd, rebel, prom queen — are assembled for an all-Saturday detention. Over the course of eight hours, they pick at each other’s defences until an existential maelstrom hits and they come to learn some universal teen-truths.

“The style might be flying in from another decade, but the emotional baggage has survived the journey. Really — and this is a compliment — it’s a movie for anyone who’s ever had zits. Which means all of us at some point.

“So, if you had zits in the ’80s, there’s guilty retro-pleasures aplenty. And if you have zits now? There’s enough truth behind the banalities to still strike discord."

Also playing as part of School's Out!: Dazed and Confused


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