The Circle

“The Circle, based on Dave Eggers’ novel, is as chilling as the most frightening horror movie. Yet the world it depicts is practically our world, just a tiny leap into the near future.

“Directed by James Ponsoldt and adapted by Ponsoldt and Eggers, the movie tells the story of a young woman who goes to work at the Circle, a company that’s like a hellish cross between Facebook, Apple and Google. Young Mae (Emma Watson) is thrilled to be welcomed onto the Circle’s campus. Everyone is so cool. Everyone is so friendly, and everything is so weird.

“The company will soon be marketing a new camera. It costs next to nothing, and you can wear it. It will record every moment of your life, follow every step and log facial recognition data for everyone you see. Sounds great, right?

“Mae agrees to becoming the first person ever to go “transparent.” Aside from a few timed bathroom breaks, her life is out there, being broadcast and commented upon, all day and every day. And the world is following her.” - SF Chronicle


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