The Conjuring

One of the scarier haunted house/demon possession movies in recent years, it brings to mind '70s supernatural horror films such as The Exorcist with its stillness, steady build of suspense and handsome cinematography. Director James Wan successfully imbues the film with a sense of foreboding. Along the way the sound effects, unsettling music and eerie mood keep viewers on edge.

A couple of ghost busters anchor the spooky saga. Married couple Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) lecture to rapt audiences about their experiences.
Meanwhile, in rural Harrisville, R.I., Roger and Carolyn Perron have put nearly all of their money into a secluded farmhouse. To most viewers it would spell haunted mansion, but to the Perrons it's a healthy, spacious place to raise their five daughters. Soon after moving in, the family experiences decidedly un-healthy goings-on. The style and degree of torment escalates.

When the Warrens come to the Perrons to oust the evil spirits, the eerie mood counts for more than ghost-tracking instruments they tote. Every nook is shot intriguingly. Long continuous takes, slow-moving zooms and odd camera angels intensify the fear factor. Monstrous figures are shown sparingly, rendering them that much scarier.

The net result is an entertainingly frightening film that keeps the audience in a state of alarmed, but eager, anticipation.


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The Conjuring

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