The Fruit Hunters

HotDocs Presents

Robin Smith, head programmer of the Bloor HotDocs Cinema will introduce this screening.

“After mining his Chinese heritage with Up the Yangtze, Montreal filmmaker Yung Chang turns to the exotic, sensual world of fruit in his newest documentary. It’s a feast for the eyes, and will probably change the way you look at your supermarket’s produce section.
“Working from Adam Gollner’s 2010 book, Chang travels into rainforests and tropical wetlands in search of the rarest and most succulent fruits in the world. Closer to home, fruit aficionados have a celebrity voice in Bill Pullman who’s trying to convince his neighbours to create a community orchard in the Hollywood hills.
“More than just a celebration of tasty seedpods, The Fruit Hunters is a careful dig at the “permanent global summertime” we enjoy thanks to multinational food companies and monoculture. There’s more than enough beauty in the dusky husks of mangoes, figs and apricots, I only wish I could taste and smell the banquet that Chang lays before us.” - National Post


No screenings currently scheduled.

The Fruit Hunters

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