The Glass Castle

At the Twin: "The film is both a tribute to parenting and a confessional of its absence. Like the book, it looks back without pity or sentiment. Unlike the book, it's got Woody Harrelson and Brie Larson, acting spectacularly." - Associated Press

"In the opening scenario of 'The Glass Castle,' Jeannette Walls, a well-heeled writer at New York magazine, has just finished an elegant dinner with her fiance. Riding home in a cab, she spots a disheveled woman digging through a dumpster. The homeless woman, it turns out, is her mother.

"Based on Walls’ 2005 memoir and starring Brie Larson as the author, 'The Glass Castle” is an extended flashback that begins with that shocker of a moment. It isn’t mere mortification that plagues Walls but a deep anger at the unstable, near-feral childhood she experienced with her parents, Rex and Rose Mary Walls, excellently played by Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts. Penniless vagabonds with a proto-hippie, nonconformist streak and an aversion to practicality, the couple moved their four children all over the United States, often in the dead of night, creating a life of romantic adventure that, over time, began to feel more like plain old poverty.

"The movie’s heroine is Jeannette, first played by Chandler Head as a suggestible tyke, then by Ella Anderson as a suspicious preteen and finally as a self-invented, slightly phony New Yorker by Larson. The film’s most fascinating figure, though, is Rex.

"Harrelson is nothing less than perfect as Rex, alternating between dashing charmer and shameful drunk, while Watts has several crucial moments as Rose Mary, an artistic woman whose loyalty to her husband is both incomprehensible and deeply touching. Beautifully written by Andrew Lanham and director Destin Daniel Cretton ('Short Term 12,' also starring Larson), 'The Glass Castle' nicely encapsulates the complicated emotions of a lifetime: rage, resentment, affection, gratitude. In other words, it’s a movie about family." - Newsday


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