The Hunt

“Recently divorced kindergarten teacher Lucas wouldn’t hurt a fly, except when he goes hunting for deer in the forest. His teenage son, Marcus, would actually prefer to live with his cool dad, though his mom is making this difficult. In fact, Lucas is so lovable that one of his kindergarten students, Klara, has a crush on him. However, when she’s found out, Klara becomes defensive and leads the head of the day-care center, Grethe to believe Lucas exposed himself.
“Grethe needs little convincing that the innocent-looking blonde girl is a victim, and informs first Klara’s parents and then all the other adults who have children at the center. This leads to a predictable community backlash against Lucas, who at first isn’t even aware which child has accused him.
“Vinterberg wisely sticks to the p.o.v. of the falsely accused lead throughout. Except for Marcus and his godfather, everyone begins to doubt Lucas’ innocence and either cuts off contact or is pushed away. The rest of the village turns into a vocal, violent mob.
“Known for his often icy and violent characters, Mikkelsen impresses here as a warm-hearted man who finds himself caught up in a situation way beyond his control; he makes Lucas’ immediate isolation and frustration tangible.” - Variety


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The Hunt

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