The Jungle Book

"Favreau's reinvention of a beloved '60s classic... delightfully entertaining... bordering on perfection..." - Leonard Maltin

"Jon Favreau’s new production of The Jungle Book for Disney is nothing short of spectacular: a reinvention of the much-loved cartoon feature brought to life with taste, heart, and cutting-edge technology... any doubts I had about combining a live-action Mowgli (Neel Sethi ) with CGI-rendered animals was dispelled within moments.

"Much has changed since Walt Disney made his lighthearted animated film in 1967, and that too is reflected here. This is a much more intense film where life-and-death struggles are explicit, if not graphically depicted on camera.

"But with Bill Murray inhabiting the character of Baloo the bear there is still plenty of room for fun; he’s a perfect choice. And grownups in the audience will get a kick out of hearing Christopher Walken in the role of King Louie. Both characters get to sing their signature tunes, 'The Bare Necessities' and 'I Wanna Be Like You' in a deft transition from straightforward action to vaudeville-style performance. Kudos go, once again, to director Favreau and composer John Debney for figuring out a way to incorporate these emblematic songs without making them seem out of place in the new environment of this Jungle Book.

"This is The Jungle Book for a new generation that doesn’t seek to obliterate the original; thank goodness. It’s a terrific piece of entertainment that I daresay would please Walt Disney himself." - Leonard Maltin, Indiewire



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