The Karate Kid

"An exciting, sweet-tempered, heart-warming story with one of the most interesting friendships in a long time." - Roger Ebert

The ultimate ‘80s underdog story, THE KARATE KID still packs a powerful kick. Ralph Macchio stars as Daniel LaRusso, the new kid in town who quickly makes an enemy out of Johnny ('80s blondest bully William Zabka) when he strikes up a friendship with Ali (Elisabeth Shue). When Johnny and his gang of jerks severely beat up Daniel, Mr. Miyagi intervenes and defeats all five single handedly. The bruised and impressed Daniel pleads with Miyagi to teach him to fight, and when the lessons start they seem more like chores than karate skills. However, Miyagi knows what he is doing, and their bond strengthens as Daniel becomes more disciplined and adroit. By the time the tournament approaches, you'll be all shivers and ready to cheer as Joe Esposito's anthem "You're the Best" punctuates the triumph. - Alamo Drafthouse


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