The Nice Guys

"'The Nice Guys' is basically 'Chinatown' remade by Quentin Tarantino and starring foulmouthed, updated versions of Abbott and Costello, as played by two of the most recognizable male stars of our time." -

"Russell Crowe is Healy, a genial strong-arm guy for hire, who works for himself. Ryan Gosling is Holland, an inept private investigator. One is smart and silent, the other talkative and not too bright. Their paths cross violently — but soon they realize that they share a common interest. They each need the other to solve a case that threatens them both.

"Set in 1978, it captures the 1970s milieu, not just with the cars and the clothes, but with a story that involves a series of murders within the fringes of the porn industry. As in most Los Angeles noir, the story’s range is big enough to incorporate low life and high life and to suggest that the two are closer than people think. But the experience of 'The Nice Guys' is mostly that of shocked laughter. It’s a bombardment of audacity and outrageous humor that never lets up.

"Gosling is the comic — mostly, but not always, the idiot — and Crowe is the straight man, and the two work well enough together that a sequel seems inevitable. But Angourie Rice, who plays Gosling’s intelligent and highly moral 12-year-old, deserves a special mention. The character is an unexpected presence that adds dimension to the story, and Rice plays her beautifully.

"Black creates in 'The Nice Guys' an atmosphere that allows for farce, slapstick, silly wordplay and genuine and weirdly effective sentiment. Every scene is enjoyable, containing its own little kick or twist, and everything is always rushing forward." - San Francisco Chronicle



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