The Projectionist

Abel Ferrara and a theater owner discuss the edgier, sleazier era of film that existed in the 1970s.

"This documentary portrait of theater operator Nicolas “Nick” Nicolaou moves from 1970s Times Square adult film houses through decades of city regulation, chain takeovers, and cultural shifts, charting a charming odyssey through the history of film exhibition and New York City." -Abel Ferrera 

"The Projectionist is not so much a hidden history of the movies as one that shines a light on an underground culture, fighting for survival, then and now." - Film Comment 

"The film’s most endearing moments happens during the second half of The Projectionist, as Ferrara explores the city’s theatrical heritage through the eyes of Nicolaou. The images of New York’s streets lined movie theaters, positioned one-after-another, will make any cinephile crave for simpler cinematic times. Ferrara intersperses classic and obscure film clips from Putney Swope, The Devils, and Sea of Love, and scenes from B-soft core porn flicks to match Nicolaou’s reminiscing."

"The Projectionist explores not just New York’s former theatrical glory, but the seedy under belly of the city’s adult cinema past. Places like the Pussycat, the Adonis, and the Venus, existed blocks from upscale theaters like the Paramount. Such was the importance of theaters, a place to see a great movie and get some action in-between." - 812 Film Reviews


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