The Salesman

"It is a work entirely worthy of any prize anyone chooses to bestow on it, compassionate and intelligent... should linger long after the 24-hour news cycle is over or the political flavour of the month goes stale. 4/4 stars" - Kate Taylor, Globe & Mail

OSCAR WINNER! Best Foreign Language Film. “Human nature has always been the focus of writer/director Asghar Farhadi. Farhadi is a man more interested in impact than event. It’s not the disappearance in his 2009 film About Elly that matters as much as the ripple effect caused by it. The same holds true of The Salesman, a film with a violent incident that happens off-camera but haunts the characters in the film.

“The Salesman centers around a couple, Emad & Rana playing the leads in a local production of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. One night, while Emad is at the theatre, Rana answers the door when it rings, assuming that it’s her husband. Emad comes home to find Rana bloodied and possibly raped.

“The Salesman could have been a traditional revenge thriller, but Farhadi is interested in much more than that. This is not a film in which the injustices of the world can be avenged or corrected. We move on because we have no other choice. The show must go on, even if we will never be the same.”-


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