The Specials (Hors normes)

"With The Specials, these humanistic directors once again demonstrate their facility to turn any topic they tackle into gold." - Paris News

From the directors of 'Intouchables.' Starring Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb. Bruno and Malik train underprivileged youth to care for children and adolescents with autism, but without official certification, their future is suddenly unclear.

"The two shining stars of modern French social comedy Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache (Intouchables, C’est La Vie) have waited a long time to make The Specials, casually dropped in as the closing film of Cannes 2019, yet one of the very best in the festival.

"We may be comfortable in our ignorance, or avoidance, but Nakache and Toledano want to help us out of that.

"Opening a door into the world of teenagers and young adults who are profoundly autistic, The Specials is clearly a personal film, made through Toledano and Nakache’s real-life friendship with its subjects, two indefatigable suppliers of round-the-clock care for those the system has rejected. 

"The Specials is a rare film that comes both from the heart and reality: it’s a potent mix which allows access to a hidden subject yet welcomes the audience in with grace and humour. Toledano and Nakache have the maturity and the success as film-makers now to attack this difficult material with a typically light-handed touch – it hits hard, but The Specials is certainly no ordeal to watch. Brisk editing, a dose of good cheer, a lot of information and precision character development cuts through the tough subject matter. Vincent Cassel delivers one of his best performances in years as Bruno, who has given his life over to the company he has founded to care for autistic children and adolescents. Reda Kateb is his ally, Malik, who runs 'Le Relais IDF' which trains up youngsters from deprived areas to be their carers." - Screen International


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