The Vanishing

Stanley Kubrick called Director George Sluizer after seeing The Vanishing to say that it was the scariest film he had ever seen.

A clinical, maddening descent into the mind of a serial killer and a slowly unraveling hero, culminating with one of the scariest endings of all time.

Rex (Gene Bervoets) and Saskia (Johanna Ter Steege) are enjoying a biking holiday in France when, stopping at a gas station, Saskia disappears. Confounded, Rex searches everywhere, but to no avail. Three years later, he's still obsessed with finding her, pleading his case on television, putting up posters and ruining his new relationship in the process. Eventually an unassuming chemistry teacher, Raymond (Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu), approaches Rex, intimating that he knows what happened.

"At the end, it demonstrates powerfully how rationality divorced from compassion can spawn evil of the cruellest sort. The face of Lemorne--a mild-mannered experimenter obsessed with crossing the barriers of human conduct--and the appalling, horrific climax of “The Vanishing” will haunt your mind long after this film is over." - Los Angeles Times

"The movie advances in a tantalizing fashion, supplying information obliquely, suggesting as much as it tells, and everything leads up to a climax that is as horrifying as it is probably inevitable." -

"The Vanishing is a movie built to frustrate expectations. Which is not to say the truth will be withheld — indeed quite the opposite — but rather that it will be revealed in ways which blatantly defy the rules and conventions of the genre." - The National Post 


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