The Volunteer

Sunday, November 30 screening will have filmmaker introduction.


Writer/director Jonathan Steckley makes his narrative feature debut with THE VOLUNTEER, a beautifully subtle and naturalistic film that focuses on loss and the importance of friendship.

A kind-hearted twenty-something youth worker, Ken (Ken C. Ogasawara) struggles with being a stranger in a new town, battling loneliness and searching for new meaning in his life. He spends his days working at an underfunded youth center, befriending his co-worker Cheryl (Cheryl Lee) and her boyfriend, Matt (Andrew Cherry). At the same time, Ken finds himself being drawn into an ill-advised relationship with the family of a young teenager, Amy (Kaity Adam) and dealing with her broken father Rick (Theodore Bouloukos) and mercurial step-mother Becky (Myra Segal). Ken’s new world only gets messier the deeper he gets involved in their lives, making it hard for him to distinguish right from wrong.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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