The White Crow

"Director Ralph Fiennes makes this hypnotic look into the young life of controversial ballet icon Rudolph Nureyev (Oleg Ivenko) a thing of bruised beauty and an exhilarating gift." - Rolling Stone

"The White Crow tells the story of ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev and his sensational escape to the west in the early 60s at the age of 23, while on his first European tour. Dance is represented as a transcendental experience of success, of leaving behind the past and reinventing the future. Like Billy Elliot’s defection from his working-class childhood, Nureyev’s flight involves crises of loyalty with family and community.

"Nureyev is portrayed by the Ukrainian ballet star and first-time actor Oleg Ivenko. Ralph Fiennes directs and gives a performance of spaniel-eyed sadness as Nureyev’s dance teacher and mentor Alexander Pushkin, with whose wife Xenia (Chulpan Khamatova), Nureyev is to have a sentimental education.

"David Hare adapts Julie Kavanagh’s biography of Nureyev, skillfully sketching in his past life via flashbacks of childhood and early manhood as a tempestuous young student in Leningrad. The present-tense action takes place in Paris, as Nureyev and the west thrill each other to the bone." - The Guardian


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