True Story

"A true crime drama that compels right from the start and will have audiences talking." The Examiner

"Jonah Hill plays Mike Finkel, a New York Times writer who’s been disgraced when some of the facts from an important story are debunked. After being fired from the paper, he learns that Christian Longo (James Franco), a man accused of killing his wife and three children, has been passing himself off as Finkel down in Mexico before being captured by the authorities. Finkel writes to Longo (a fan of his writing) and gains enough of his confidence to get exclusive access on the condition that he helps the inmate with his own writing.

"Hill has been proving himself as a serious actor for a few years now–having two Oscar nominations under his belt is proof. Franco is absolutely amazing, giving a subdued performance that rarely conveys any emotion, which just makes Longo that much more fascinating, because he never comes across as someone who might kill anyone.

"The third piece of the puzzle is Mike’s wife Jill, played by Oscar nominee Felicity Jones, who has been suffering from the time her husband has been spending with the man accused of such heinous crimes.

"First-time film director Rupert Goold co-wrote the fantastic screenplay with David Kajganich, and his theater background comes to use with the number of intense dialogue-driven scenes.

"It really couldn’t be a better time for the release of this movie with the fascination people have with 'Serial' and 'True Detective,' because it offers some of the same sense of mystery with Franco’s Longo being such an interesting and perplexing character.

"Although True Story will be released long before awards season, it’s such a strong piece that one shouldn't be surprised if it is being talked about at year’s end, come awards time." - Edward Douglas, Coming Soon



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