‘Misery” meets “The Human Centipede” in “Tusk,” a Kevin Smith-directed horror-comedy that’s so warped that it’s sure to become a cult classic. Just how warped is it? Its premise is of a madman seeking to turn another man into a walrus.

Wallace (Justin Long) is a jerk with a podcast that showcases weird, interesting characters.A listener named the Kill Bill Kid intrigues Wallace, who books a trip to Winnipeg to meet him. When he arrives, Kill Bill Kid is dead, but Wallace stumbles upon another potential story, that of Howard, an old man in a wheelchair. Wallace doesn’t realize that the tea he’s sipping is doing a number on him until it’s too late, when he wakes up woozy, in a wheelchair himself and minus a leg. Howard’s explanation is that a brown recluse spider bit Wallace, forcing an amputation. But nothing adds up and Wallace learns of Howard’s plan to grotesquely transform him into a walrus, complete with a pair of tusks protruding from his face.

One thing that must be said about this freak show is that it fully delivers. It has a game cast, it’s watchable, fun, sick, sad and has to be seen to be believed.


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