Up in Smoke

Legalized Day Double-Bill with The Big Lebowski! "Don't go straight to see this movie"

Celebrate Legalized Day by getting high with the immortal classic, Up in Smoke. On their hit records Cheech and Chong took smoking marijuana from a pastime to a profession, giving counterculture weed smokers their own "Who's on First?" with the classic "Dave's not here" gag. With Up in Smoke the two lovable losers invent the stoner comedy, probably the first invention in history to be made under the influence of copious amounts of [now legal!] substances. Joints of all sizes will be passed, short term memory loss will be apparent, and a giant van made out of pot goes rolling through the streets of L.A. just in time to make the big punk rock battle of the bands. Spark a doob, and get ready for leafy green LAFFS with the dopesmokinest duo of all time. We'll have all of the regular munchies for sale, but you'll have to provide your own Labrador.

Double Bill followed by The Big Lebowski. Your ticket to Up in Smoke gets you into The Big Lebowski!



No screenings currently scheduled.

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