Frank D'Angelo Double Feature (Hamilton Film Festival)

Nov 7, 6:30pm. Double Feature. Two Films. One Price.

Presented in partnership with the Hamilton Film Studios

Get ready for a star-studded night on the big screen as Frank D'Angelo returns to the Hamilton Film Festival. His style of filmmaking is now legendary; shooting a feature film in 5 days! His movies are loaded with cast members from some of the biggest films in the world. A few years ago he brought The Red Maple Leaf to Hamilton, which was a massive sell-out and an incredible night, so grab your tickets fast and get ready for a night you will remember!

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The Last Big Save

A professional hockey player who is only happy when he is miserable signs a long-term contract that covers his entire career only to ruin it in his first year due to substance abuse and alcoholism. He rides his good luck in the final month of the final year of his contract when he gets a last chance at redemption. Danny Aiello, John Ashton, Tom Bower, Daniel Baldwin, Michael Paré, Frank D'Angelo, Alexei Yashin, Marcel Dionne, Dennis Hull.

Making A Deal With The Devil

A fascinating and dramatic tale of a behind the scenes plot developed by the FBI as they work secretly with the mob to eradicate corruption and crime in USA. Danny Aiello, John Ashton, Tom Bower, Daniel Baldwin, Michael Paré, Frank D'Angelo

Frank D’Angelo
Frank D’Angelo is Singer/Songwriter, Television personality, entertainer, author, businessman, screenwriter, actor and director. He first began his musical career as the lead vocalist and front man of the popular Canadian band, “Toronto”. He currently hosts his own hit late night talk and entertainment variety show “Being Frank” on CHCH TV in Canada which just completed its 9th season. He directed the following films: Making a Deal with the Devil, The Last Big Save, The Joke Thief, The Neighborhood, The Red Maple Leaf, Sicilian Vampire, No Deposit, The Big Fat Stone and Real Gangsters.



Thu, Nov 7 2019 - 6:30pm

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