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Oct 8th, 8:00pm. Presented by FENIX promotions. The third installment of Serbian Canadian film director Boris Malagurski's controversial feature documentary trilogy explaining how the military-industrial complex, big business and political interest groups endanger peoples' health and very existence, zeroing in on the example of Serbia and other countries around the world such as Cuba, Chile, Italy and Bolivia. Through the analysis of crimes against the environment, genetic modification of food and the urgent issue of climate change, the film will expose the system we live in and present inspirational stories that will make you rise up and take action.

Come see this iconic German Expressionist silent horror film --routinely cited as one of the greatest films ever made-- presented with live music accompaniment by the VOC Silent Film Harmonic, from Kitchener-Waterloo.

Friday, Nov. 15, 8pm. Advance tickets on sale online.

Sharing a nature-first musical message.

"Les Stroud continues on his journey from Survivorman to Music Man.

"The filmmaker, outdoor adventurer, singer-songwriter, author, actor, producer and 12-time Gemini finalist developed 'a strong affinity for music' in his mid-teens. He spent a decade pursuing a career in rock, which included writing for a record company and touring.

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