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Join us for a casual, come-as-you-are (or dress-to-the-nines, your choice!) evening celebrating the 96th Academy Awards®.

Enjoy Hollywood's most glamourous night out!

Trivia, Predict-The-Winner Contest & Prizes with our fabulous host, Ryan!

Red Carpet & Hollywood's Biggest Night On the Big Screen!

Pre-show starts at 6:30pm

Awards show starts at 7:00pm

Amidst the war in Ukraine, an Israeli field hospital is established to care for those affected by the conflict. The medical teams face challenges as they treat Ukrainian patients who have lost everything. The film highlights the intersection of history, culture, and compassion as the Israeli teams, some descended from Holocaust survivors, offer help and hope to those in need. A touching portrayal of humanity and the power of small acts of kindness to bring people together.

(Israel 2023; 65 minutes)


(Poland 2022; 117 minutes)

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(Israel 2015; 36 minutes)

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(Israel 2022; 108 minutes)

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Tue, Apr 9 2024 - 6:00pm

(Israel 2023; 25 minutes)

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Avinoam and Barak, father and son from a Kibbutz bordering the Gaza strip, are forced to deal with another round of rockets and combat, each in their own way. One night, Barak reaches a boiling point and Avinoam is forced to absorb the heat.  WINNER, Best Cinematography, Tel Aviv International Students Film Festival 2023 International Competition, Filmschoolfest Munich 2023

(France 2021; 114 minutes)

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