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Join author Jesse Thistle, in conversation with his editor Jared Bland, for the launch of Scars & Stars. A beautiful and moving collection of poems and stories from the author of the #1 bestselling memoir From the Ashes.

Film 1 (16 minutes): Un Chein Andalou (An Andalusian Dog) Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí present 16 minutes of bizarre, surreal imagery.

"Luis Bunuel described it as 'nothing other than a desperate, impassioned call for murder'. Salvador Dali wanted it to 'plunge like a dagger into the heart of Paris'. They both wanted it to be as mysterious and illogical as a dream - indeed the script emerged during a conversation each had about the other's dreams. Bunuel later wrote, 'we had to open all doors to the irrational.'" (Little White Lies, 2017)

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