INDIE Film Premier: The Lad Goodbye

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Grand Premiere of 'The Lad Goodbye'.

There’s Something Funky Going On!

The Lad Goodbye is an independently produced and locally filmed stoner comedy that three up and coming filmmakers, Victor Dubyna, Nolan O’Kane and Kirk Percival, dreamed up together as a feature-length continuation of their short film ‘Hi, Lad! ’ Filled with an authentic inventive cinematic style and uncompromising attitude, The Lad Goodbye promises to be a wild riot for stoners and film enthusiasts everywhere. Come join us for the grand premiere of the film at the Playhouse Cinema in Hamilton, Ontario.

Synopsis: Rogue man Lester Schmidt, and his handsome roommate Bart Cockburn, have an all-out celebration planned for Lester’s last day in town. However, when Lester wakes up to discover that Bart is missing, he embarks on a quest where he leaves no stone unturned and no joint ‘unsmoked’ to be reunited with his best friend.

Runtime: 138 min

Tue, Jun 21 2022 - 6:15pm

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