Shorts - Hamilton Film Festival

Nov. 14, 1:00. Get Tickets. ($12)

HAMILTON L.O.F.T. and The Factory Media Centre present
Short films and a panel discussion.
All films made by womxn filmmakers, including the debut film from from Hamilton L.O.F.T.

Minor Chords, USA, 3m, Natalia Gomez
Ballet dancer realizing a tough reality after an accident.

Forgotten, 4m, Canada, Mawrgan Shaw
Forgotten is an animated short film that offers a window into the isolation the elderly face when living alone. Drawn using traditional and digital media, it is a timely exploration of loneliness.

The Help Desk, 15m, Canada, Elizabeth Fraser
In this quirky and sweet tale, HUGO, a socially awkward hermit, tries to break free from his loneliness by following the advice of a failed 90s self-help guru and stumbles his way towards connection.

Brought to you by first-time director Elizabeth Fraser and Executive Producer Sandra Cunningham (Kim's Convenience), The Help Desk is a nod to Nick Hornby-style nice-core, and a balm for complicated emotions.

The Shadow Project, 5m, Teresa D'Elia
he Shadow Project has taken place in over 250 cities worldwide. The event commemorates the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan and aims to raise awareness about the ongoing threat from nuclear proliferation. In Hamilton, Ontario, The Shadow Project is hosted each year by artist Bryce Kanbara (You Me Gallery). This film presents footage from the 2019 event and archival material, set to a poem by celebrated writer Ellen S. Jaffe. The piece is performed by poet Nisha Patel (2019 Canadian Individual Slam Champion and Poet Laureate, City of Edmonton).

Flower Boy, 16m, Anya Chirkova
As August creeps in, Nav forms an intimate bond with an audacious painter and a middle-aged laser tag owner. Just as he begins to find himself, summer inescapably comes to an end.

Lunachicks, 12m, Jess Joy
Reclusive Marla Strange longs for a friend, but her infamous father has other ideas.

Why Didn't I Leave?, 18m, Emily Schooley
Created by a crew of 19 womxn, "Why Didn't I Leave?" is Hamilton LOFT's inaugural project. This short documentary challenges the stigma behind that very question - one which places blame on victims of abuse, rather than holding perpetrators accountable. The film explores some of the less recognizable forms of abuse and the overwhelming barriers many survivors face when trying to escape, while highlighting the local organizations working to support survivors.


The Hamilton Ladies of Film & Television (L.O.F.T.) is excited to partner with the Hamilton Film Festival for their 2021 season as they support our mandate to achieve gender parity within our city and the Canadian film industry.

The Hamilton Ladies of Film & Television (L.O.F.T) is a Hamilton based collective founded and co-created by local artists Laura Ellis, Alysha Main, and Cher Obediah. The Hamilton L.O.F.T seeks to bring together womxn* working in all disciplines of filmmaking.

  • To create/support content that is predominantly female-driven with a focus on overcoming issues/barriers within the film industry affecting womxn and underrepresented minorities
  • Assist in building the skills and confidence of womxn by working in cross-disciplinary and supportive teams while providing affordable training opportunities with mentors in the film community
  • Demonstrate that a local all-female identified production team is achievable
  • Showcase the achievements of womxn in Hamilton’s film industry
  • Partner with local organizations to provide mutual support and opportunities for womxn by sharing knowledge, tools, and holding networking events

*The Hamilton L.O.F.T. uses an all-emcompassing definition of “womxn/woman/female/lady” which includes but is not limited to cis, trans-identifying, non-binary, and other.

We are excited to officially launch in spring of 2021 and look forward to working with many of the talented womxn in Hamilton that we know, that we love, and those we have yet to meet.


Sun, Nov 14 2021 - 1:00pm

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