Toronto Motorcycle Film Fest: Best of TMFF

Aug. 22, 7pm.  This collection of one feature and four shorts represent some of the award-winning and fan-favourite films from the TMFF. If you’ve never had a chance to attend the Festival, or want to see the movies again,
now is your chance! Featuring films from around the world on topics
such as epic journeys, exciting racing, and being a kind rider, you’ll
leave this Motorcycle Movie Night itching to go for a ride.

Tickets on sale now!

The Unfamiliar Road | Australia | 74 minutes
Winner: Best Feature Film & People's Choice Awards
The Unfamiliar Road follows the overland motorcycle journey from Perth, Western Australia to London in the United Kingdom. A trip that covers 37,000 km and 24 countries.

Giovanni Burlando's Vision | Italy | 11 minutes
Winner: Best Short Documentary
Giovanni Burlando, 75 years old and about 850 races under his belt, has competed with some of the best racers in the world such as Agostini and Pasolini. Riding on the Doria-Creto path he talks about trophies, races and his overwhelming passion for motorbikes.

Trail Master | U.S.A. | 9 minutes
Reid Brown, an Oregon Forest Service Specialist and avid off-road motorcycle racer has earned his dream job. He is in charge of managing the 500 miles of motorcycle trails in the Tillamook State Forest, Oregon. His family has a rich history with the forest with his parents and grand parents having built many of the original trails.

The Frozen Few | U.S.A. | 3 minutes
Winner: Best Short Narrative
On a cold day in March, a group of men known as the Crazy Eights crossed their American borders towards the Great White North. It was in Sault Ste. Marie where their icy, snow-covered tires finally came to a halt.

The Sobbing Scooterist | U.S.A. | 4 minutes
Be kind and wave to all bikers. You never know how much it can hurt when you don't.

The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival is a unique cultural event that brings people together to watch universal stories told through the lens of motorcycling.

The TMFF is the first and only Canadian film festival dedicated to screening movies focused on motorcycles and the incredible culture of motorcycling. Held over four days, the Festival features world, international and Canadian film premieres, meet and greets with filmmakers, jury and audience awards, Q&A panels, and receptions.

Thu, Aug 22 2019 - 7:00pm

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