Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in his Own Words

"'Eat That Question', a fascinating and compelling dive into an artist's uniquely ticking parts, gives voice to a complex dude and broadens the picture." - Globe & Mail

“'Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words' is a simple yet engaging documentary that uses a combination of interviews and concert footage to give fans as well as newcomers an in-depth look into an artist whose work was complex, yet whose outlook and demeanor was as open, honest, and relaxed as one could get. Thorsten Schütte’s film manages to construct a fairly straightforward biography of Zappa.

“In many of the interviews included in 'Eat That Question', Zappa hammers home the point that art and business shouldn’t go hand in hand. He knew full well that his approach to music meant that he wouldn’t get as big of an audience, and that his work wouldn’t get any radio play. Yet it was always obvious that, as long as he could pursue his art, he didn’t care much about popularity within any certain caste in society.

“It’s in the way that Schütte manages to build a complete picture of Zappa that fans will find it a satisfying watch, a reminder of why they love the man and his music in the first place.” -Oktay Ege Kozak, IndieWire


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