Fairweather Brewing Presents: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in 35MM

The grand conclusion to the original 'Indie' trilogy! Presented by Fairweather Brewing

Presented by Fairweather Brewing in 35MM!

Fairweather Brewing will be in the Playhouse lobby on January 31 serving up their delicious ice-cold beers to enjoy in the theatre, and to-go.

An art collector appeals to Jones to embark on a search for the Holy Grail. He learns that another archaeologist has disappeared while searching for the precious goblet, and the missing man is his own father, Dr. Henry Jones. The artifact is much harder to find than they expected, and its powers are too much for those impure in heart.

Can't make it? Enjoy an encore screening on Saturday, February 3!

"Of the three Jones films, The Last Crusade may well become the sentimental favorite, the Indiana to end them all." - New York Times

"A thrilling exercise in pure cinema." - Associated Press

"As I watched it, I felt a real delight, because recent Hollywood escapist movies have become too jaded and cynical, and they have lost the feeling that you can stumble over astounding adventures just by going on a hike with your Scout troop." - Roger Ebert



No screenings currently scheduled.

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