Logging Algonquin - Post-Screening Q&A!

The fight for the forest never rests

Logging Algonquin is a 30 minute documentary film that looks at the historical and on-going logging happening in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. Through conversations with indigenous locals, scientists, foresters, and political experts, the film asks the question:

‘Does logging belong in our modern day Park?’

The film not only provides expert opinions but brings the viewer down onto the forest floor as they follow a group of passionate environmentalists (Mark Friesen, Katie Krelove, Dave Marcus) searching for logging in the park and a researcher (Michael Henry) attempting to document the remaining old growth forest in Algonquin. While short in length, the film dives into numerous topics around the issue and manages to relate the logging in Algonquin Park with the broader environmental condition in Ontario and across the globe. 

Special Guests In Person:

After screening the director Conor DeVries will host a Q and A and discussion about old growth trees and logging in Algonquin park.

Joining Conor will joined be Katie Krelove, an Ontario Campaigner for the Wilderness Committee, a national charitable organization that has worked for over 40 years to protect nature, defend wildlife, and fight for strong climate action. In this capacity, Katie partnered with Mike Henry, featured in the film, to survey unprotected old growth remnant forests in the unprotected areas of Algonquin Provincial Park.  She also advocates for growing protected areas across the province.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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