Music for Black Pigeons

From filmmakers Jørgen Leth and Andreas Koefoed, 'Music for Black Pigeons' is a cinematic documentary that explores the lives and processes of some of the world's most renowned and prolific jazz musicians.

An informed and intimate portrayal of the jazz scene that offers revelatory glimpses for fans of the genre, Music For Black Pigeons strikes a universal chord in its pursuit of wider questions centered around creativity. How does it feel to play? What does it mean to listen? Is it even possible to put the emotions of music into words? Paying tribute to the time-honored jazz tradition of simply "letting the tape roll", Leth and Koefoed capture intimate, improvised moments between humble pioneers of experimental music at recording spaces in New York, Copenhagen and Lugano. Unpredictable live jams are interspersed with brief, illuminating portraits of those participating, such as Danish guitar player and composer Jakob Bro, celebrated jazz saxophonist Mark Turner, innovative double bassist Thomas Morgan, avant-garde jazz drummers Joey Baron and Andrew Cyrille, trumpet player Palle Mikkelborg, the wildly prolific founder of ECM Records, Manfred Eicher and many more.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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